Elizabeth Wong nude


These latest pics basically showed Elizabeth sleeping in another chair on another day, and perhaps in another place, but it does exposed her hairy unshaven armpits. It was released on 17 April 2009, some time before she announced her withdrawal of her resignation. Great timing!

At the rate the BN is blundering, even a 3-year-old will be able to tell you this is the job of the BN and its rusty machinery. Here are some tips for them. First, they need to employ some people who knows what is the meaning of “hardcore sex” or “porn”. Exposing the armpit is not porn. And heaven sake, sleeping or dreaming is different from masturbating or having an orgasm.

Does Elizabeth Wong Always Sleep Pantyless With Her Legs Spread Open For A Camera?

Frankly, I wouldn’t resign either if somebody got my armpit photos. Sorry folks, no pupic hair yet. At this rate, we may have to wait till the next General Election.

These photos were released in the website Hard-T, a govt of Malaysia site set up to fool Malaysians. Of course it failed. The BN govt is 10 years behind the public when come to cyberspace.

Elizabeth Wong nude photos leaked

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