Uniqlo China sex video


Chinese Couple Films Themselves Banging in Uniqlo, Sparks National Furor

Did you recently film yourself fucking inside a fitting room in the Bejing Uniqlo store, then upload the video to the internet? Congrats: you look like you’re having a lot of fun. Also, your entire country—including the government—is watching.

Chinese officials are the provenance of a cellphone video showing a couple really going at it in front of a mirror, which went viral in the country recently. If the video wasn’t actually filmed inside Uniqlo, it’s an awfully elaborate recreation: An announcement welcoming customers to the store can be heard over the man’s puritanical dirty talk toward the end of the minute-long clip. (“Call me husband,” he says at one point, according to CNN. “Say we’ll be together.”)

The AP reports that China’s Cyberspace Administration is attempting to determine whether the homebrew porn is a viral marketing stunt for the retailer of stylishly generic clothing, whose sales reportedly spiked following its spread. That seems like an unnecessarily complex explanation for old-fashioned human horniness, but I’m no cyberspace administrator.

Officials are also upset at the companies behind the Twitteresque social network Weibo and the messaging app WeChat, over which the video reportedly spread. After executives from those companies got a stern talking-to from the government, the video has been difficult to find on the Chinese internet, according to the AP.

Chinese-couple-having-sex-in-Beijing-fitting-room-www.ohfree.net-001 Uniqlo China sex video

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Chinese-couple-having-sex-in-Beijing-fitting-room-www.ohfree.net-003 Uniqlo China sex video

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Chinese-couple-having-sex-in-Beijing-fitting-room-www.ohfree.net-005 Uniqlo China sex video

Chinese-couple-having-sex-in-Beijing-fitting-room-www.ohfree.net-006 Uniqlo China sex video

Uniqlo China sex video: Clip of Chinese couple having sex in Beijing fitting room goes viral

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