The biology between Chinese couples and White Bulls


The biology between Chinese couples and White Bulls

As you all know, I am very courious in the Cuckold relationship. And I have done research on this topic for many years. Here is my findings to explain the growing trends of Chinese couples finding white bulls.
Chinese-couples-and-White-Bulls The biology between Chinese couples and White Bulls
Standard Chinese Cuckolding Scheme.
The New Marriage for Chinese.

1. Why Chinese Wives become more talkative when a white male presents?

The answer is quite simple: Natural Selection. Women are the born with a genetic code that makes them keep looking for male that with good genes, so that they can ensure their baby would be good and healthy. So when white men approach chinse wives, the wives would act much more nicely and in their subconscious mind they would try to seduce white men to breed them, so they would act more slutty and very talkative. The wives should not be blamed as it is coded in their gene when they are born.

2. The Superior White men.

The-Superior-White-men The biology between Chinese couples and White Bulls
In real world, a SOFT WHITE DICK is still much larger than a hard chinese dick.

No one can denied that white men are much more superior than chinese guys. Not only they are more handsome and muscular, the most important thing is that they have huge cocks, I mean really huge, it is highly related to the high testosterone level of white men. To elaborate this point it is nessessary to explain the structure of penis.

Larger cocks simply means more superior sexually. The thick shaft can lead greater stimulation to the chinese wife’s vagina which makes the wife have a greater orgasm. Research have suggested that women’s orgasm is the actually a process for pulling the semeen right to the oval for ensure higher breeding chance. The long white cock can deliver the superior sperm (gene) right into the uterus of chinse wife’s. There are nothing that small chinse dicklets can compare with the superior white men’s cocks.

3. What happend when white men fuck chinese wife

If the chinese wife was fucked by their chinese husband before having sexual intercourse with white men, the semen would left inide the vagina as chinese husbands small dick failed to delever the semen into the deep part of the cervix. The white men’s long, thick penis and outstanding glands of penis can pull out all the semen which the inferior chinese husband left in the chinese wife’s vagina previously during thrusting, and can deliver their superior sperm right into the cervix of chinese wife directly, so they can impregnate chinese wives easily and make it really nearly impossible for the inferior chinese husband to impregnate his own wife.

Chinese men have small dicks as their estrogen level is really high, that’s why they can provide love and support to their hot wives, but they lacks physical sexual abilities. Because chinese women have tried to adapt the small chinese cock for many years, the vagina of chinese wife is usually extremely tight when the first time they intercourse with a white man. When it is the first time the chinese wife having sex with her white master, her vagina may tried to push the big penis of her white master out and they may feel pain. But after the first time, as her body have to choose the best between the gene between their pathetic chinese husband and their superior white master, their vagina would dilates. When the next time the white master insert their big penis into their vagina, white master’s cock would be welcomed and it is easy for the chinese wife to have orgasm to ensure all the white men’s semen would be drained by the vagina deep inside to the cervix; When the chinese husband tried to stick his small penis into their wives vagina, the chinese husband would feel that their wife’s vagina have been loosen and the stimulations to the small chinese dick would be greatly reduced. Then the women can make the white master cum into their cervix and keep their husband’s inferior sperm (genes) away from their ovum.
men-fuck-chinese-wife The biology between Chinese couples and White Bulls
Chinese couple can no longer feel each other once a Big white cock have entered the chinese wife’s virgina

4. The inferior chinese dick and what happend when chinese men fuck their own wife afterward

When the chinese husbands know that their wife have sex with a much more superior man, they would be turned on as their subconscious mind still want to compete to breed his own wife. So when they saw their beatiful chinese wife fucked by white master wildly, thir small cock would become very hard and they are very willing to have sex with their chinese wife after the superior white master ejeculates. But as they know that it is worthless to thrust as the white master have plant their elite white sperm deep inside his chinese wife’s cervix that their small chinese dick would never reach, their subconscious mind would try to ejeculate as soon as possible hoping that their inferior sperm can reach their beatiful chinese wife’s ovum before the white master’s sperms. That’s why chinese men aways suffer from premature ejeculation when they fuck their chinese wife after their wife had sex with the white master. The inferior chinese men’s body also try to make their semen go as deep inside their wife’s cervix as possible so their body would make the semen ejeculates much vigourously then usual, that’s why chinese cuckold always ask “Why my wife pussy is dialated but I would have a much greater orgasm”, it is more a mental reason instead of physical reason as the chinese wife’s widely vagina would try to avoid the inferior cock of thie chinese husband being stimulated.

All in all, chinese couple with white bull is a Win-Win-Win situation. The Chinese wife can be satified by the white master and can gives lives to a better offspring. Both the White master and the Chinese husband can experience great pleassure during the sex with the chinese wife. And the White masters can fully demonstrate their superiority to the chinse cuckold, and making the chinse cuckold knowing his place.

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  1. Brothers are packing way more size then white guys. Average size of Brothers of African decent are 7- 7.5inch on average especially West and South Africa region due to food, climate and genes they are on average bigger and stronger too. white guys average fron 6 -6.5 including Europe. Only Mediterranean and Nordic men have an average of 7-7.5 average. While in the Middle East the average is 7inch including North Africa. East Asia it’s 4-4.2inch. South Asia 4.8-5inch and South America 5-5.5inch All these stats can be found online submitted by the medical community of Urologist.

  2. those are great stats Palli, thanks! Brotha’s be packin’ a lot of the time (sometimes too much lol). I’m on the larger side myself, so the Angry Inch & i can hang with my black counterparts and had blast a couple times during some gangbangs. However, i’m curious about 2 things.

    1) i often hear from women (especially asian), that although black dudes allegedly have big cocks, they are turned off by them because of the attitude/image most project (thug life, pot head, etc). I’m speaking only from experience & from about 30-45 women over the span of 15ish years. The question is i wonder if they perceive a black dude from Ghana Africa differently as opposed to a black dude from Los Angeles? They way they speak (american english/ebonics vs the queens english), manners, etc

    2) is cock size genetically coded or does environment play a factor? For example, does the average black guy in africa & they average black guy in the US have the same average size pepe?

    • Hey bob,

      Sorry for my late reply.

      To answer your first question;

      Asian Women in general those who are of East Asian and Central Asian origin have a cultural preference to “fair” skin. So size is only one point, but for long term courtship to put it bluntly prefer a “fair” face and “fair” phallus. It is that simple. Having lived in South East Asia, Central Asia, East Asia and Europe and knowing many personal friends who have settled and had relationships with East Asians, I can say from those collective experiences the cultural preference and mental preference.

      I know women from those countries who settled with “white” men for one reason, To have “fairer” children and see them as the prize for their perceived “fairer” is the best and what have you. A few of them really like sex extremely rough but only with a “white” man, and not with a similar Asian or in their minds worse, Someone dark skinned. It’s cultural for one and the culture dictates attraction. Most of this is subliminal within the culture. Dark skin in East Asia is seen as “horrible” and “shameful” From Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia in South East Asia and Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. A good number of their friends and family and society plays a huge part. As face value is vital and if your “fair” your “pure” or “clean”. The Chinese have a saying the “Fairer and whiter the skin, the soul and heart is pure like the color” my friend from Beijing, China quoted this to me, a girl. When asked why this obsession. And she said to me she would have an experience with someone from the darker variety, But her first choice settle for was a White Male first as she can choose within her own Chinese group very easily. Last year she settled and married her “prize” a guy from Holland.

      It’s worth recognizing the culture behind the source of attraction before “playing the field” . A few will be interested in the Brothers, But that is only for the so called “exotic” experience. And a certain large number are like this article here, whom want the “white” male to fulfill their “fantasy”. And the rest just prefer staying within their “group” and have clandestine relations with “fair” skinned exotic males on the side. A very small group will “experiment” with those who are of the darker variety.

      The ones who do go for those who are packing still prefer “white”. The outliers are pretty rare. I have known more “white” women who settle for darker skin guys who are packing and not packing then compared to East Asians. And these are my colleagues and friends I have know for years. For example; Asian Male and White Female (a growing number) in urbanized developed cities, (even my neighbor across the street are this combination). Or African Female and Asian Male (my colleague). As for myself, a Mediterranean Male playing the field not willing to settle yet.

      In conclusion from my circle of friends, lovers and acquaintances, For the Brother and those of a darker shade, try your luck and hope for the best. One has better luck with Caucasian women than with Asian women unless you have the means (aka money/wealth). It’s a very Western Caucasian stereotype (which is true) that East Asian women are “easy”.

      To answer your second question;

      Environment, Diet and Genetic mixtures are the main factors in Penis size. Those who came from West and Central were noted by the British Slave traders as having enormous endowments compared to those in the East, North and South who were noted as way above average compared to the European average at the time.

      Now, the European Average has increased. Which is linked with Diet, Exercise and Genetic mixing. (The East Asians are the least mixed genetically compared to Europeans, South Americans, Africans, South Asians and South East Asians). The long and short of the answer is Yes and Possibly from a science stand point.

      Do check out the link below. It may help all on here on what mathematical expectations and preferences are for mainly Caucasian women. Based on the sample size and survey.

      Link on Penis size chart below.

  3. Too many assumptions. There are White -oriented Chinese whores, but most Chinese females are happy and satisfied with their cultural and linguistic mates in the Orient. If you are so good, judging from your knowledge, try seduce one Chinese wife a day. I guess you will be continuously turned down with embarrassment before you hook your first, who must be an old Chinese hag. Deposit as much you like while we go shower true affection on White girls, who deserve better.

  4. I have lived in China for 7years and my experience with chinese women is close to some of the comment. Am a brother from Africa. Chinese women love white skin, thats why most of the rich young ones bleach. The few who like blacks never enjoy a relationship with a chinese after that. China is one of the easiest place to get laid as long as you are not shy. But in summary, once you are white, be rest assured to get laid if you are smart. The problem is that most are not.

    • Our friend here, Is absolutely right. I have friends who are of dark skin tone African and Others(mixed etc,etc). They all say the same thing. The obsession with white and/or fair skin is the overall inhibitor. Nothing else. In Chinese society they only value white and fair skin as the “gold” standard.

      Same applies to Korea and Japan. It is Asia’s fascination with Fair Skin as the most beautiful and so called “clean” that overrides everything. Look at the family and cultural connotations for example. First question from the family – Is he/she fair? From this point one can ascertain the aesthetic requirement. And my friends who are dark went through this. Out of twelve that I know personally only 2 went on to marry and have children. Both the girls they hooked up with are not attractive like those featured on this site or what a person of “white” skin and same ethnic group could attract. It’s a sad reality unfortunately.

  5. I’m actually an Asian male, 22 years old.
    And reading this blog post (despite the grammatical errors) turns me on so much.

    I wish I can actually allow my girlfriend (and future wife) to be fucked by a huge white dick while I watch nearby, only engaging a little. It would turn me on watching the white guy put his engorged penis in my wife’s mouth and vagina, and slapping his penis on my wife’s face. Fuck.

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