Home Taiwan Scandal 台湾破跨境卖淫网站 陈静仪等四位女星卷入

台湾破跨境卖淫网站 陈静仪等四位女星卷入


台湾破跨境卖淫网站 陈静仪等四位女星卷入

Taiwan-prostitution-actress-Mia-Chan 台湾破跨境卖淫网站 陈静仪等四位女星卷入
网易娱乐3月26日报道 据台湾媒体报道,上周一傍晚,台湾查获一名涉嫌卖淫的金姓韩国籍女子,追查下发现金姓韩国籍女子所属应召网站,是一个专以LINE揽客的跨国卖淫集团,旗下小姐多为内地、香港、澳门、韩国、日本等地嫩模。






Taiwan breaking cross-border prostitution website Freaky actress Mia Chan and other four involved

Last Monday evening, Taiwan seized a suspected prostitution Korea Jin Ji woman, tracing Korean Ji Jin found under the woman belongs summoned website, Freaky actress Mia Chan and other four involved.
Netease Entertainment March 26 reported that, according to Taiwan media reports, last Monday evening, Taiwan seized a suspected prostitution Jin Korean nationality woman found Jin Korean nationality woman summoned website belongs traced under a special order LINE Showmanship transnational prostitution Miss’s mostly mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan and other soft mode.

He summoned the website to see photos of Hong Kong actress than an hour asking price of at least 3.5 million New Taiwan dollars (about 7000 yuan). Are these the actress is suspected of prostitution, or be the site Pirates bully off, the police still further investigation.

Hong Kong actress on the site, including, in 2012 had performed “Lan Kwai Fong 2″ violent milk mold mother Mia Chan (Mia), for 1.5 hours at the website price of approximately HK $ 12,000 (about 9600 yuan); tender Greek language model, She was in Hong Kong, Singapore, the new generation of house men and women of God; Hong Kong cable television show “Unbelievable” hostess Huang Zitong (Ruby) also made the list, every 1.5 hours asking price of approximately HK $ 14,000 (about 11,000 yuan); filmed “favorite Night Po 3 “Ho Yuan Hong Kong young model pupil, two hours price of HK $ 30,000 (about 24,000 yuan).

In fact, earlier this month, someone broke the news in a group called “the actor model album, private custom”, indicating that his girlfriend can provide rental services, but claim to be your day on Hong Kong actress girlfriend. Hong Kong actress still has four names, respectively, of Zhao Shuo, Liu Li, Mia Chan and Belinda Hamnett. However, several parties have expressed at the time was being used as propaganda.

Mia twice within two weeks involved in the “kinky network” event on the 25th when she responded that the manager told her to mention this matter: “Well tell me fifty thousand (Mia summoned reports that the price for half an hour fifty thousand new NT), bored, do not want to respond. We feel that the soft mode, we must do it to make money to support their families. In fact, in addition to my development in the entertainment, as well as learn financial investment alone is more than the number up and down it! I used to do so do you? “

Mia Chan, now 26 years old, 16 years old Parental Guidance, and her ex-husband has a son and a daughter, is to support the family after the divorce, began sexy photo shoot. 2012 worked in the film “Lan Kwai Fong 2″ for daring performances.

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