Edison Chen Scandal Vincy Yeung Nude in Shower


Edison Chen Scandal Vincy Yeung Nude in Shower in Sex Scandal

Edison Chen “陈冠希” surprise Vincy Yeung “杨永晴” in the shower while she is butt naked taking a bath. The pictures of other girls in the Hong Kong Celebrity Sex Photo Scandal are very different from this set of Vincy. The other girls seem well aware of what Edison was doing with his camera and willing to play. Edison caught Vincy off gurad in the shower with his camera to get these three pics.

Edison Chen Current Girlfriend Vincy Yeung (楊永晴)Nude in Shower in Sex Scandal

Vincy Yeung (杨永晴) is a Hong Kong Singer and actress. Vincy Yeung is the 19-year-old niece of Edison Chen former boss, EEG CEO and media tycoon Alfred Yeung. Her uncle is said to have major Hong Kong gang affiliations. She is Edison Chen (陈冠希) current girlfriend. they have been dating her since 2005 and announced their ‘official’ relationship in his personal blog by referring to an anonymous girlfriend as ‘V’ in 2007.

Life and Death in Hong Kong

Three weeks ago a yet to be identified hero, ‘Kira’, started posting racy photos of several A-list Hong Kong stars. The main protagonist of these photos is Edison Chan, who took the photos. His list of sexual conquests include: Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung , Bobo Chan, Candice Chen and like 4 more women. The photos spread like wildfire across the internet and have dominated the HK headlines for three weeks straight. Edison Chen arranged a quick trip to Canada, while all the other celebrities involved have so far been able to avoid the media except for Gillian Chung who spoke to the press a few days ago.

Edison Chen will return to HK this week, maybe at the weekend. Though several dates have come and gone for his return to “face the music”. This time maybe he has to come as he has a re-arranged promotional event to attend on the 23rd of February and will face a HK$1 million “fine” if he misses it. Edison has received warnings from some of the companies he represents that they feel he has broken the terms of their contracts by tarnishing his image with the nude photos leaked to the internet of HK pop starlets performing sex acts on him.

Edison Chen may be killed by Hong Kong gangsters when he return. It has been reported that the performer decided on the early come back, so that he could assist Hong Kong police in finding ‘Kira’ and to attend a promotional event on the 23rd, which he had previously signed a contract to attend. Failure to attend the function, may lead to Edison paying $1,000,000 in compensation. Pressure from the police and million fines are nothing when its your life on the line.

Reports have revealed that after fleeing to Canada then to Boston, USA, Edison refused to return to Hong Kong to assist police and instead instructed his driver, Ah Long, or a lawyer to speak on his behalf. But as the issue seems to be worsening, police and his boss, Mr Lin (林建岳) have requested for him to come back. Edison then finally made the decision to spend Valentines Day with his girlfriend, Vincy Yeung and then return to Hong Kong.

Edison, who is the spokesperson for quite a few companies, has been receiving legal letters from his sponsors warning him that he had broken a term of the contract because his actions have harmed the image of the company. One company has firmly stated that if Edison does not attend the promotional event scheduled on the 23rd, he will have to comply with the terms of the contract and pay $1,000,000 in compensation.

So Edison Chen is being forced to go back to Hong Kong by the police and contractual agreements. If I were him, however, I would stay in Canada or America and hide for the next 10 years to 20 years, especially after nude photos of his current girlfriend, Vincy Yeung, surfaced in the net just a few days ago. Vincy’s father and uncle is said to have links to several HK triads and is probably not very happy about the whole affair. Vincy herself has said she will stand by Edison Chen. Edison is stupid if he think Vincy can safe him from the men in her family if they really wanted to kill him.

When his management company was asked to confirm the details of of the scandal, the spokesperson for the company, Miss Leung said, “I do not know. The tabloids know more than we do. We have to wait for Edison to come back and hear what he has to say.” And we will see what the blood thirsty triads gangsters do to him. because I am think he has made some very powerful people in HK very mad.
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