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Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui


Foreign Talent Professor charged with obtaining sexual favors from NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

darinne-ko-lianhe-wanbao Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

Prof Tey Tsun Hang (M’sian) and Darinne Ko Wen Hui

Lately, we are seeing and hearing scandals linked to Malaysia Boleh counterparts in NUS, Singapore. What with Alvin and Vivian, and before that the great law Assoc Professor’s sex scandal in, well, where else but NUS. Maybe there is some truths when they said NUS should stand for Naked University of Scandals. Joke aside……

National University of Singapore (NUS) associate professor from the Law Faculty Tey Tsun Hang has been charged in court over the sex-for-grades case this morning.

The 41 year old faces six corruption charges for allegedly showing favour to his student, Darinne Ko Wen Hui (pic below), between May 2010 and July 2010.

According to court documents obtained by the media, Tey reportedly gave Darinne better grades in return for sex on two occasions.

Tey also received a Mont Blanc pen worth S$740 and tailor-made shirts from Darinne who paid one of Tey’s bills amounting to almost S$1,300.

Despite Darinne being the one who approached Tey to offer sex in exchange for better grades, she has not been charged for any offences yet.

The 23 year old is currently working as a pupil in an established local law firm, thanks to the ‘A’ grade she obtained in her final year elective in exchange for the sexual services she provided to her law professor who now faces the unsavory prospect of being thrown into jail.

In an email sent out to the media on Friday morning, Tey said he stands by his academic principles and that he has always pursued his academic writing in good faith, with no ill intent.

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS Law professor Tey Hsun Hang has sent an email to his friends and the media this morning declaring that he stands by his ‘academic principles’.

Attached below is his email:

Dear friends and members of the media profession,
I will appear at Court 26 of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore at 9am today (27 July 2012), facing six charges of corruption – two of which involve sexual gratification; all of which are about showing favour in my assessment of a recently-graduated female student’s academic performance.
I stand by my academic principles. I have always pursued my academic writing in good faith, with no ill intent.
The bail is set at a phenomenal sum of S$100,000.
I remain, yours faithfully, as ever
TEY Tsun Hang

TEY-Tsun-Hang Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

The NUS Law professor who allegedly had sex on multiple occasions with a 22 year old law student in exchange for better grades for her final year elective was Associate Professor Tey Hsun Hang.

According to media reports, Prof Tey is married to a Japanese woman and they have a teenage daughter.
Faculty members said Prof Tey has not been suspended and he will be on sabbatical when the academic year starts next month, stressing that it is not a result of the ongoing investigation by CPIB.

Prof Tey was arrested in April this year and is currently out on bail. It is understood that it was the law student who offered her body to him so that she could obtain an ‘A’ for her final year elective. She is currently a pupil at a local law firm.

Though it was the girl who initiated the ‘deal’, her identity is kept under wraps by the media while the Professor was publicly shamed as if the fault lies with him alone.

An NUS spokesman said the university has a code of conduct that its staff must adhere to; the consequences of violating it range from a warning to dismissal.

The prominent law professor from the Law Faculty, National University of Singapore was arrested by the Corrupt Practice Investigation Bureau (CPIB) in April this year for allegedly soliciting sex from a final year law undergraduate in return for acing her grades.

According to media reports, the law graduate had sex with her professor on ‘multiple occasions’ and was eventually given a ‘A’ in her final year papers. She has since graduated and is now working at a law firm.

When approached by the media, a spokesperson from NUS confirmed the probe and said the school is cooperating with CPIB. It is understood that a few NUS staff were called up for questioning too including the female undergraduate who allegedly approached the professor for her final year elective.
The grading for the final year elective is very important as it determines if a fresh law graduate is able to land a job upon graduation.

Prof Tey Tsun Hang a Pet of Tony Tan’s son-in-law

Despite being investigated in Apr by CPIB in the sex-for-grades case, Prof Tey Tsun Hang was allowed to continue teaching in NUS Law School until 26 July when he was charged in court and then suspended by NUS Law School on the same day.

Such special treatment was not granted to former SCDF Commissioner Peter Lim, ex-CNB Director Ng Boon Gay and NParks’ Bernard Lim. These men were all suspended from duty once CPIB began investigations. Why is Prof Tey any different?

Unknown to many Singaporeans, Prof Tey is the favourite of the current NUS Law School Dean, Prof Simon Chesterman, who also happens to be the son-in-law of Singapore’s President Tony Tan. Prof Chesterman allowed Prof Tey to continue teaching young impressionable female students while drawing his salary despite being fully aware of the on-going CPIB investigations.

Even though Prof Tey has broken the moral trust between teacher and student, NUS continues to place faith in him.

Prof Tey is a close associate of various judges and men in the corridors of power that rule. Otherwise, how would a Singapore PR and Malaysian come to be appointed as a district judge and state counsel in Singapore where political masters are especially wary of enemies from up north. How often do you see a PR in the upper echelons of the civil service?

There are speculations saying that Prof Tey might be not be convicted of the charges or the punishment would be a light slap on the wrist due to some back-door brokering.


Darinne Ko only got a B rating from Prof Tey

Reports by the local Chinese tabloid have pointed out that Prof Tey only gave Darinne Ko a B grade for sleeping with him. Thus far, they have not managed to interview someone who got an A from Prof Tey to find out the difference.

If Darinne only got a B, Prof Tey might not be guilty of corruption but only at fault for improper sexual conduct with his student.

Other reports in the Chinese tabloid said that she likes to wear mini-skirts and dislike wearing long skirts. Described as ‘tomboyish’, it is unsure if long skirts ‘got in the way’ of her movements. Her friends still cannot believe the RJC school runner would have an affair with her professor.

Darinne wrote herself on the internet that it is cool and exciting to meet prominent lawyers even though she felt ‘small’ in front of them.

If the sex-for-grades case is proven in court, Darinne might lose her law degree.

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-001 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-002 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-003 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-004 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-005 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-006 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-007 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-008 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-009 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-010 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-011 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-012 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

NUS-Law-student-Darinne-Ko-Wen-Hui-www.ohfree.net-013 Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

Darinne Ko is not wrong to have sex with Professor Tey

Back in April, 48 men were prosecuted for paying for the sexual services of an underaged (below 18 years old) prostitute. Due to the girl being underaged, there was a gag order enforced by the court to prevent the name of the 17 years old ITE student “Steph” being made public.

Prominent lawyer Subhas Anadan said back then, “I objected to it [the gag order] on the basis that the provisions of the law do not protect people like her because she’s not a victim of rape or molest, and provisions do not apply.”

Darinne-Ko Prof Tey Tsun Hang and NUS Law student Darinne Ko Wen Hui

But with the “leaky” cyberspace these days, no gag order can be effectively enforced without the cooperation of the netizens.

Darinne Ko, the law student who allegedly had sex with NUS Law lecturer Prof Tey Tsun Hang in exchange for better grades, had apparently confided in a friend over her relationship with Prof Tey. The matter subsequently came to the attention of CPIB.

Despite being investigated since April, NUS has not suspended Prof Tey and allowed him to continue roaming the campus.

Details have surfaced that Darinne Ko initiated contact with Prof Tey and seduced him in exchange for superior grades. Tey now faces six counts of corruption while Darinne is not known to face any charges. Although both Darinne and “Steph” had an active and critical role to play in their respective cases, women are often more protected by Singapore law.

In addition to sexual favours, Tey allegedly received from Darinne a Mont Blanc pen worth S$740, two tailor-made shirts valued at S$236.20, an iPod Touch worth S$160 and payment of a bill amounting to S$1,278.60. It is not known if Darinne treated Tey to delicacies such as superior abalone; but with a law professor’s five figure salary it is indeed unusual why such “cheap” gifts were given.

Like Kong Hee who said that he would be vindicated if his side of the story was heard, Prof Tey proclaimed, “I pray for a worthy trial — a trial that allows the truth to come to light, a trial that allows me to vindicate myself.”

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