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  1. Very attractive and sexy looking lady! I lived and worked in Nanjing, China for 6 years from 2001 to 2007 and dated a lot of chinese women, and i mean a lot. One of them looked quite similar to this lovely lady, and of course i have no idea if this knockout is the same as the one i dated that highly resembled her, but the one i dated for a year was also one of the best fucks i have ever had, and to add to that asset, she also gave the best blowjob i have ever had, i never thought a blowjob could be that good before i met her! She would have at least 3 orgasms every time we had sex, and another different trait she had was that when she orgasmed she went wild, loud screams and sex noises, and got tons of goosebumps all over her thighs and ass!
    If this lady here is similar to that, wow, would i ever love to meet her!!

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